The film that never was…

A few years ago we made a proof of concept trailer for an action feature film we had written called “Into The Red”. This project was very dear to our hearts, an ambitious balls to the wall action flick. Not something that gets made everyday here in Ireland, and that’s what excited us.

With this trailer we were able to get the project into development with Fever Kid Films as part of an international co production with Canada and the U.S.. We nearly had all the required funding but alas the gods of film were not on our side and an investor pulled out, leaving the project in a permanent limbo.

We were broken hearted, we felt we were back to zero, back to the drawing board, which we were, but it was not all in vain.

Fever Kid wanted to keep moving forward with us so we put an new plan together. Soon we at Two Joker Films and Fever Kid Films partnered up with Millbrook Studios and were onto our next adventure, a horror thriller called “Killers Within”.

Now completed “Killers Within” has signed a sales agent and has already secured some international sales and will be hitting festivals later this year. You can follow it at Killers Within Film

With “Into The Red” (for now at least) sitting on the shelf we thought it was time to show you all the amazing work everyone put in. We’d like to thank the wonderful cast and crew who gave their time to help us make the promo on what was probably a very modest budget.

Everything about the shoot was guerrilla film making. From a hacked DSLR camera, to begging locations for an hour here and there. From the fearless stunt performers who put their bodies on the line, to the actors who worked out of sequence and out of context in almost every scene. Every department, make up, production design, sound and camera, as crazy as the shoot was, you all trusted that we knew what we were doing and that it would make sense in the edit. Everyone excelled themselves and we are truly grateful for the good will that was put into it.

Who knows, if the cards fall in the right order, we may one day return to “Into The Red”. If any production companies like what they see, please feel free to contact us, we do have a few different ideas on how to evolve and develop the project further.

Also if you would like to see more of “Into The Red” here is an extended 6 minute story synopsis promo.

We hope you enjoy this taste of a film that never was and we hope that you follow us here and at Killers Within Film

Thank you all so much,

Brian & Paul